Matching Alphabet Beans Literacy Game - The Imagination Tree


Make an alphabet beans literacy game and an ongoing resource to use in lots of activities together! Playful literacy fun and learning for preschoolers!


  1. Posted by venusjeane, — Reply

    This activity is good for having kids recognize the alphabet. They have to match the rocks with the coordinating cupcake hole. (Alphabet/letter recognition )

  2. Posted by melody8131, — Reply

    Alphabet recognition- This activity allows children to be able to match the rock in the coordinating cupcake hole. This will teach them to recognize their letters and identify them.

  3. Posted by maxhess2003, — Reply

    Alphabet/Letter Recognition- This a great activity for kids to match the letter of the rock to a similar cupcake holder letter. This allows the child to have to think and recognize each letter

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